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DISCLAIMER: The terms Teacup, Micro Mini, Pocket Nano, etc. is just a term to describe sizing and these terms are not identified as breeds. These pigs will in No Way shape or form fit in your purse or pocket. All mini's are essentially bred down over decades and are all potbellies or mixed with other breeds. There is not actually a breed called micro mini or teacup, just cute names to describe  them and that goes for our business name as well. You should be very Leary of any promise of a "super tiny" pig. Sizing is dependent on many factors; education and trusting your breeder is essential! 



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Welcome to the home of our Lovable and Adorable Teacup and Micro Pigs!

We believe in Quality vs. Quantity and complete health for our pigs. We handhold and train every piglet from the time they are born until the day they join your family. We believe we are responsible for the beginning stages of socializing your mini pig until the day you do not need us anymore. We do not underfeed our pigs or promise unreasonably small sizes on our piglets, as a matter of fact, we do not have the "tiniest" pigs out there, just the best! Our piglets go to only the very best homes and we help in rescue and have 3 of our own that we have rescued, as potbellied pigs are the #1 displaced pet in America. We offer a full service experience, whereas we pre-and post-train every new parent, send texts of pigtures and videos along the baby stages, and stay in contact every milestone of your piggys life! Our home and phone are always open! We even offer free mini pig sitting to any local owners. Basically, you are not buying from a farm or a breeder that has too many pigs or litters to handle, we typically have 1 litter at a time and we go the extra mile to ensure the healthiest and most socialize pig you will find! Please look around the site at Pictures, Videos, PIG SIZE link, BLOG, and Frequently Asked Questions and then CONTACT US for more information and specific detailed questions.  Below is some basic information on the different breeds and sizes of miniature pigs. We specialize in Vietnamese Miniature Teacup Potbelly Pigs, Teacup Pot belly pigs and Micro Mini pigs. These piggies really do make the most uniquely amazing pets ever! Our wish is that other families can share in the joy our piggies have brought to our family!



The Miniature Pig Sizes: (Please note, these guys are dense and heavy in weight and cannot be compared to the sizing of dogs when it comes to weight. Even a 60 pound teacup potbelly stands under your knee, pictures are deceiveing as they are very short and stout)

The sizes being mentioned on the net, which are not breeds but a combination, are the following-We breed Tiny Potbelly pigs, Micro Minis and Julianna mixes. Our minis will weigh approximately 35-70 pounds and 14-19 inches short; depending on genetics (breed) and lifestyle (how they live and eat.) Teacup does not mean they fit in the palm of your hand, it means they are MUCH smaller than their cousins!




About Standard Potbellies (Potbelly): 18 - 26"  weigh up to 200+ lbs

About Teacup or Small Vietnamese Potbelly: 16-19" This name given is just another name for a smaller pot bellied pig and weigh anywhere from 35-60 pounds. potbellies are a mixture of colors, but are predominately black, black and white, or pink with black and gray markings.

About Micro Mini pigs:  12 - 16"  (Originated in Europe and can be multiple mixed breeds) Males range from 25-35 pounds and females from 35-45 pounds. You will notice a different body type than the potbellies and a longer, squared off nose., straight back with a nicecurvature, smaller tummy and longer leg. They also weigh less than mini pot belly pigs, which makes them easier to handle. Micro males can be pretty small, whereas the females can be up to 10-20 pounds heavier with any breed. We just added micro minis to our breeding program.

About Juliana's: 11 - 16"  This is a breed in itself.  Unlike the pot bellies the Juliana is very delicate boned and has a long nose and always has spots.  Also knows as the painted pig or spotted Juliana. This is the smallest boned of all of the mini breed but many do not like it's purebred look, we cross them to micros to get the smooshed in nose people want. Juliana pigs are an important part of our breeding program, they bring incredible color and the refined body to the party, purebreds are also very rare. Even if you get a 15 or 16 inch tall pig (which is still very small) it will be mostly because of the longer legs and the body is finer so they do not get as heavy.

The Small Pig breeds:

All breeds of piggies are highly intelligent, love other animals and people, make great indoor and outdoor pets, are easily potty trained, easy to teach tricks and walk on leash, and live upwards towards 15-20 years. They are truly amazing and unique pets! Best of all the have no dander, so people can own them with allergy issues. If you love dogs and cats, you will love these guys as much or more!

(These are not recognized breeds and are more for size reference than anything.)

About Small Vietnamese Potbellies - These miniature pigs are the most popular breed today and have an amazing disposition and attractive look. They have exaggerated potbellies, short puggy noses, short legs, and swayed backs (a sign of overfeeding in other animals) are completely normal and healthy. Their average height is about 14 inches and their average weight about 35-60 pounds, but are known to get heavier. See our male Kevin Bacon. We breed these.

About Juliana or Painted - These little guys average between 10-16 inches and weigh anywhere from 20-49 pounds. They do not have an exaggerated pot belly, they have longer legs and snout, and are smaller boned or more dainty. Like the potbellied pig, they have a gentle disposition. We have a female mixed with Juliana and mini potbelly.

About African Pygmy or Guinea Hog - Truly Lilliputian, these miniature pigs weigh in at an average of 20-50 pounds and reach an average height of 14 to 22 inches. They are active, alert and highly intelligent. In contrast to the potbellied pigs, African Pygmies have straight backs. They bond quickly to their humans and love to be close to their favorite people.

About Yucatan (Mexican Hairless)  - These mini pigs come in both a small and not so small model. The larger breed can run upwards of 200 pounds while the smaller variety averages between 50 and 100 pounds. They grow to 16-24 inches in height.

About Ossabaws  - Averaging 14-20 inches and 25-90 pounds, Ossabaw’s have a fantastic temperament, bond well with humans and are very bright. These guys live up to 25 years so you’re practically adopting a child and raising him through college as much as buying a pet.

About Kune Kune-



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